Corporate Social Responsibility

Tyndallwoods takes the view that Birmingham’s business history demonstrates the benefits for both business and society that can be achieved by an actively concerned, philanthropic and socially responsible corporate sector.

To act on this, Tyndallwoods is:

  • Carbon Neutral by obtaining 3 Acres with 9 thousand native trees on it in Sisaket, Thailand to offset the emissions produced by Tyndallwoods and its employees during their working lives
  • Effectively Recycling and Reducing paper usage by embracing technology and where necessary to use paper, using Recycling day to day and also in file destruction saving to offset the firms paper usage.

Tyndallwoods supports pro bono Birmingham based charities with both fundraising and governance and have done so throughout the life of the company.

Tyndallwoods has been pleased and honoured to support:

  • Edwards Trust
  • St Mary’s Hospice
  • Cancer Research UK
  • One Handed Musical Instrument Trust (OHMI)
  • Town Hall Symphony Hall (THSH)
  • Troop Aid
  • Future Leaders Club
  • Court of Birmingham University
  • Bishop’s Visitor
  • Heart of England Community Foundation
  • West Midlands Fundraising Network
  • A1 Pet line
  • Cramar Cat Sanctuary
  • Hollytrees Animal Rescue Trust (HART)
  • Enterprise Sailing
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