Christmas Elves at Tyndallwoods

By Olivia Diaz December 12, 2016

The Tyndallwoods Elves have been working hard to bring a little something extra to our clients’ winter holidays.

Tyndallwoods Elves850 tea towels are being sent out to long-standing clients and contacts to say thank you for their continued custom and support. The design on the tea towel this year is a Christmas themed illustration of the word ‘Hope’. It was generously donated by local artist, Shelli Graham, in support of Edward’s Trust, a local bereavement charity of which Judy Dyke is a Patron.

Hope is very important at this time of year. Each year, a number of clients return to us after suffering a bereavement, making seasonal celebrations a difficult time to be joyous. Such occasions warrant a need for hope. Celebrations of light during the climax of long winter nights, when the cold and darkness seem to remove all memory of warmth and happiness, help to satisfy this need.

It is upon this theme that we share this poem entitled ‘Hope’ by the Compassionate Friends of Brazoria County Chapter with you:

“Hope is not an easy word for grievers but we, more than others, need to understand

what hope can mean for us.

Hope means finding the strength to live with grief.

Hope means nurturing with grace the joy of remembrance.

Hope means embracing with tenderness and pride our own life and the gifts left to us

by those we have lost.”

Tyndallwoods has a thriving relationship with Shelli. Our newly opened Coach House displays six of Shelli’s prints from her exhibition, ‘The Hunter and the Hunted’. Shelli also designed Freddie, a card for all seasons, which is available to purchase from reception with all proceeds going to Hollytrees Animal Rescue Trust.

Numerous Christmas characters and items can be found within Shelli’s unique design of ‘Hope’, including stockings, bells, wreaths and candy canes. Keep an eye out for the gingerbread man, who we have also included on our annual Christmas pen.

HopeTea towels and pens can also be collected from the office reception. So, next time you are visiting, be sure to ask for one!

Seasons Greetings from your friends at Tyndallwoods!

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