Fees for registering LPAs have gone down!

By Olivia Diaz September 11, 2017

A lasting power of attorney is something every adult should consider. This provides that there is someone to support and help an individual as needed during their lifetime. In recent times the number of applications for LPAs being processed by the office of the Public Guardian has greatly increased. So much so that efficiencies in processing the applications have largely cut down the costs of registering such appointments.

On the 1st of April 2017, the office of the Public Guardian reduced their registration fees for lasting powers of attorney (LPA) and enduring powers of attorney (EPA). The fees, which were once £110, are now £82 and the fee for resubmitting an LPA has gone down from £52 to £41.

This cut to registration fees should further encourage even more people to take out an LPA, giving some sense of certainty with regards to future plans. Therefore those who applied for an LPA or EPA on or after 1 April 2017 will be charged £82. It is importnant to notethat if you have paid £110 on or afer April 1st then you are entitled to be refunded.


What is an LPA?

An LPA is an appointment of a person or people who you trust to take care of your matters and make decisions on your behalf in the event of loss of mental capacity. These are your attorneys. There are two types of LPAs, a ‘Health and Welfare’ and a ‘Property and Financial’.

  • Property and Financial: This can be a solicitor, accountant or family member. This provides that the attorney can delegate on their financial and property matters. For example, money and bank accounts, tax and bills, property and investments, etc.
  • Health and Welfare: This need not be the same person as the property and financial attorney. This attorney has the power to make decisions regarding medical treatment, type of care received, day to day life decisions (how you dress, diet, daily routine)

Your attorney(s) are there to act in your best interest should you lack the capacity to make your own decisions yourself. It is integral that you implicitly trust the person or persons who you appoint are attorney.

Making arrangements and appointing an LPA can be done by clients acting in person. However, Solicitors give that extra dimension of reassurance and certainty in advising the best procedure regarding the LPA without the risk of error.

We discuss costs and benefits clearly with our clients so that they can make an informed decision about the level of support that they require from us, to be satisfied that it is cost effective and worthwhile support.  Our aim is to add clarity and reassurance to interpreting their wishes.

Please call on 0121 693 2222 or email through the Contact Us page for more information or to discuss your particular circumstances.


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