Lasting Powers of Attorney for financial decisions

ByKate Slater May 14, 2021

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) are very useful documents and the pandemic has focussed people’s minds on the importance of having their affairs in order.

You should consider a LPA for financial decisions to cover your property and financial affairs.

You may also wish to consider a second financial LPA. This can be vital if you have a business and need to keep records separately.

You may wish family or friends to manage your personal affairs but it may not be appropriate for the same people to manage your business.

We can help you put in place financial LPAs covering your personal and your professional affairs. We would discuss with you appointing the right people as attorneys in each case (likely to be different individuals in each LPA) and the correct wording to be used in your personal and professional LPAs so there is transparency in relation to your attorneys authority.

If you would like more information please contact Kate Slater on 0121 243 3024 or email

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