Snowdrop Memorial Service

ByKate Slater March 14, 2022

Through words and music and silent contemplation we joined together in remembrance on Friday 11th March for our Snowdrop Planting service. What a joy it was to gather in person following the easing of COVID restrictions.

We shared readings. Recognising that grief is a Solitary Journey, however Comfort comes from knowing that others have made the same journey.


One morning, not tomorrow perhaps,

but the day after tomorrow,

or the month after next month…

One morning the dawn will wake you

with the inconceivable surprise:

your grief will have lost

one small amount of its force.


Be ready for that time

When you can feel for yourself

that these words are true

“You will not always hurt like this”.

These words are true.

If they do not reach your heart today

do not reject them:

keep them in your mind.

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