The Hunter, the Hunted and Hollytrees

By Olivia Diaz October 10, 2016

For many years, Tyndallwoods have been proud to support local Birmingham artist, Shelli Graham, and the Hollytrees Animal Rescue Trust. It is therefore very exciting that Shelli has chosen to design a bespoke greeting card in support of Hollytrees. The greeting card will go on sale at the launch of Shelli’s new solo exhibition, ‘Once Upon a Time’, on 20th October 2016. Under the leadership of Ray Dedicoat, Hollytrees tirelessly provide care and shelter for stray, abandoned and neglected animals. They have never said no to an animal, including horses and even a 6ft long monitor lizard! Tyndallwoods have a long relationship with the work of Hollytrees and are pleased to share in this exciting commemoration of Ray’s lifetime of work.

Further to our blog last week about our expansion into the Woodbourne Coach House, we have chosen to exhibit some of Shelli’s work, namely, three of her pieces from her series ‘The Hunter and the Hunted’. To read more about this exhibition, please collect a leaflet from our reception area on your next visit to Tyndallwoods or view it online.

Freddie greeting card

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