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By Olivia Diaz January 4, 2017


Whether it is the birth of a child or your child has now become an adult, children remain an important part of our clients’ wishes when considering their Will.

For many, the most important decision when writing a Will is making provision for the care of children under the age of 18 should you die prematurely. You should think about who you would like to look after your children, and how you will continue to finance their lives when you are no longer there.

You should also decide, if you would like a child – including nieces, nephews and grandchildren – to inherit a sum of money, at what age you like them to receive this.  You may be concerned that an 18 year old has not yet developed the responsibility to manage large sums, so may wish them to inherit at the age of Teddies25 instead.  And then what if the child has already reached the age of 18 or 25?

There are a range of options available to provide for children in Wills.  Our dedicated Wills team are very happy to discuss the options available with you in providing for your loved ones.

If you are affected by the birth of a child, or a child you wish to give a legacy to has reached a milestone birthday, please contact us to discuss reviewing your Will.

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