Video Wills

ByTyndallwoods October 7, 2010

I have just seen a discussion on BBC Breakfast concerning video wills. It is important to emphasise that video wills are not generally enforceable as they do not comply with the requirements of the Wills Act. Wills must be in writing, signed and the signature witnessed according to the provisions of the Act.

During the programme a solicitor and a representative from Remember a Charity spoke positively about video wills, not as a replacement for legally enforceable Wills, but as a supplement. You could explain in person why certain bequests are made to individuals or charities, and it gives you an opportunity to say things you feel while you are still alive in a way that will communicate to loved ones after your death.

To a certain extent a similar service is already offered by us to our clients in assisting them to draft their “Letter of Wishes”. Would you like us to develop a service in assisting with the provision of video wills?

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