By Olivia Diaz October 16, 2017

As we move into colder times we would like to thank those who donated to Wrap Up Brum last year and ask for your support again this winter.

I created Wrap Up Brum after I noticed the terrible plight that our City’s homeless face as the winter draws in- I thought I must do something. We set up the Tyndallwoods office as a collection point and reached out to local businesses, schools and the community. The response was incredible and we received over 650 donations.

The people of Birmingham need your support once again. With the office as the collection point we are kindly asking that you donate old coats, scarves, hats and other items of warm clothing and we are happy to receive or collect items. Items collected will then be delivered to charities and given to those in need.

Help us to once again #WrapUpBrum !

Judy Dyke


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